Slieve League

Slieve League vista

Slieve League is truly magnificent. It will take your breath away – that is guaranteed! The cliffs of Slieve League are only 15 minutes drive from Aras Ghleann Cholm Cille. They are the highest sea cliffs in Europe with an almost sheer drop of 2,000 feet (600 m) separating the highest point of the cliffs from the raging Atlantic Ocean below.

Slieve League is twice as high as the Cliffs of Moher and offers a much more natural and uncrowded experience. Furthermore, Slieve League is free while you will be required to pay money just for parking near the Cliffs of Moher.

Background of Slieve League

walking on Slieve LeagueSlieve League (which translates as ‘the Grey Mountain’) has the highest and finest marine cliffs in Europe. The six hundred metre drop down into the wild Atlantic waves below, creates a breathtaking and exhilarating view which lives forever in the memory.

And there is much more to be seen besides the cliffs. Be sure not to miss the exciting scenery of the entire area. There are fantastic views of Donegal Bay, and the Sligo and Mayo mountain ranges can also clearly be seen.

viewing gallery Slieve LeagueOne Man’s Path will take you to the summit of Slieve League but a climb to the top must be approached with extreme caution as it is for the experienced walker only.

Visitors can also view the well preserved ruin of a watchtower at Carrigan Head. This watchtower was constructed by the British to defend this part of the Irish coast during the early 19th century against a feared Napoleonic attack.

At the end of your visit you will be left feeling refreshed and relaxed and pleased that you have a life-long memory in the awesome cliffs at Slieve League.