Irish Language

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irish language school Ghleann Cholm CilleCuachta irdir cnoic iardheisceart Dhún na nGall, tá Ghleann Cholm Cille ina shiombail dóchais ag pobail bheaga ar fud na hÉireann ó bhi na 1950iann. De thairbhe go bhfuil an t-úr agus an traidisiúnta fite fuaite frid a chéile anseo, tá bri agus beatha ann nach bhfuil i móran áiteacha eile in iarthar na tire.

Áit bhreá la ar bith sa bhliain is ea Ghleann Cholm Cille. Tagann athrach ar an athrach le himeacht na séasúr; ni bhionn an fharraige nó na cnoic choiche mar an gcéanna; bionn iontas úr i gcónai roimh an té a bhios amuigh ag siúl. San oiche cluinfidh tú togha na bhfidléiri ag ceartú ceoil sna tithe leanna nó duine ag canadh Lá chois cuain, Cailini deasa Shrath Laoighill nó An seanduine dóitre.

I bhfad i ndiaidh don fhidléir a bhogha a ligint sios, nuair atá cosa an damhsóra socair agus an t-amhrán deireanach ráite, beidh cuimhne agat ar Ghleann Cholm Cille. Áit ar leith.

The Irish Language

“Rich in its complexity, soulful in its expression and resonantly inspirational, the Irish language, too often perceived as a burden, is as important to our identity as the very land upon which it is spoken. Life without it would seem empty and unfulfilled — with it we nurture our sense of place. Too often we hear the cries of regret in advanced years, as if a part of us is missing, and, to remedy this, our challenge is to pass it on to the next generation and to encourage them to do likewise, for the fact remains and always will, the Irish language, battered as it may be, is far too strong to just simply go away.”  — Fiachna Ó Braonáin ó THE HOTHOUSE FLOWERS

Oideas Gael

irish pub guinnessOideas Gael was established in 1984 to promote the Irish language. Its two main objectives are ensuring that the district remains a bilingual community and helping people from other areas learn to speak Irish. The organisation runs highly successful irish courses at every learning level in Foras Cultúir Uladh and its cultural activities programme includes set-dancing, hill-walking, archaeology, painting, weaving and other areas of study.

Since its founding, Oideas Gael has grown from offering one course to its present highly acclaimed and varied schedule which attracts hundreds of participants to its language courses and cultural programmes.

Irish people, drawn from all backgrounds, constitute up to half of those attending, while the remainder travel from many other parts of the world especially to attend. The unique blend of expertly-prepared language courses and an attractive mix of cultural sessions enables learners to improve their fluency in Irish, while at the same time enjoying the living culture of a Gaeltacht community.

As an alternative to the graded language courses, a broad range of cultural activity programmes is available to participants interested in experiencing a unique style of learning-activity holiday.